505 World Championship 2024

Welcome to Varberg!

Welcome to Varberg and the 2024 World Championship for 505.

Varbergs Segelsällskap (Varberg Yacht Club) and the city of Varberg are proud to host the 505 World Championship 2024 in collaboration with the Swedish 505 Association. We do hope that all 505 sailors will consider visiting Sweden for a nice regatta in August 2024. The yacht club has a long history of organizing major championships in various classes. In 2015 we arranged the 505 European Championship.

Varberg is a growing town on the Swedish west coast (60,000 citizens). Here the rocky coast of the northern west coast meets the flat beaches of the southern west coast. The surfers love the beaches, and the big waves and dinghy sailors enjoy the open sea conditions of Varberg.

All 505 sailors are most welcome to Varberg and Varbergs YC. We will do our very best to give you perfect sailing, but we will also give you enjoyable after sail and social events.

Many tourists visit Varberg during the summer, so we strongly advise the sailors and their families and friends to book accommodation early.

Schedule 505 Worlds August 2024


Some suggestions – will be updated when we can present new offers.

Getterön (the location of Varbergs Yacht Club)


Close to the club we can offer a simple accommodation in rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds, or in two dormitories. There are toilets, showers, and a common room in a separate building. There is space for around 30 teams. Getterögården is some 400 meters from the Yacht Club and 200 meters from the boat park. There is a lawn next to the buildings, for mobile homes and another lawn (owned by Varberg Boat Club) for tents is situated very close to Getterögården (some 75 meters away).

We offer the following accommodation packages:
In all alternatives, daily breakfast at Getterögården, in the common room, is included. At the breakfast you can make sandwiches to bring out on sea and you can fill your water bottle. All prices are for the whole period 1 – 11 August (10 nights) 

NB – The space for tents is on the lawn of "VBK” (Varbergs Boat Club), 75 meters from Getterögården. Toilets, showers, and breakfast at Getterögården.

Questions, Booking and Payment
The principle for booking is “first come, first served”, with the restriction that bookings of the full period (1 – 11 August) will be prioritized over bookings for a shorter period (e.g. only the Worlds or just the Pre-Worlds)

Contact person: Heléne Lofjärd
Bookings and questions should be sent by e-mail to: helene@lofjard.se.

To make a complete booking, we need the following information. This goes for all alternatives above.

When we have received your booking, we will send you a confirmation with the total cost for the booking. You will get an invoice to pay, in connection with your payment of the registration fee for the event.

NB Varberg YC rents Getterögården from a Christian organisation, with a non-drug profile. Thus, we ask everybody staying at Getterögården to act with a sense of responsibility, so that Varberg YC is welcome to rent this accommodation facility, also in the future.

Getterön Marina, parking place for mobile homes

In addition to the alternatives above we strive to get access to parking places for mobile homes at Getterö Marina. These parking places are normally not possible to book. We will get back with information if we succeed to get a deal. 

Getterön Camping

Within walking distance of the club house you find Getterö Camping with cottages/cabins, place for tents and mobile homes. Web: https://getteronscamping.se/en/

A map of Getterön, indicating locations for camping spots.

Varberg City

(you can go by ferry from Getterön to the city)

Clarion Collection Hotel Fregatten

The hotel offers a discount of 12 % when booking on this link: Booking link with 12% discount for hotel Fregatten.

Web page: https://www.strawberryhotels.com/hotels/sweden/varberg/clarion-collection-hotel-fregatten/

Hotel Varbergs stadshotell:

Spa hotel in Sweden | Hotel & Spa | Varberg Stadshotell (varbergsstadshotell.com)

Hotel Gästis

Frontpage - do not remove - Hotell Gästis (hotellgastis.se)

More options

Apelviken is located 9 km from Getterön, close to a very nice beach with lots of activities. Here, you can put up your tent, park your mobile home, rent a cabin or a cottage or stay at a hotel. https://www.apelviken.se/boende?lang=en

Visit Varberg presents more options: https://visitvarberg.se/arkiv/sova.html#!?start=0

And of course, AirBnB: https://www.airbnb.se/  Search for “Varbergs kommun”


Varbergs Yacht Club is situated on Getterön just north-west of Varberg. The coordinates for the boat park are:

Varberg is easily reached from the rest of Europe. Here are some travelling distances from selected places.


There is space for boat containers near the dinghy park. The harbour of Varberg can handle containers but the lines a few. Containers are recommended to be sent to the harbour of Gothenburg.

See and do in Varberg

Varberg is one of Sweden's most popular destinations. Varberg is known for its fantastic nature, the beaches, the salty sea baths and the undulating forest and agricultural landscape of the inland! In the centre you will find plenty of shops, attractions, and cozy cafes. In the evening, the centre is filled with music from restaurants and nightclubs. There is something here for everyone in the family.

Popular activities

More tips can be found here: https://www.arrivalguides.com/en/Travelguides/Europe/Sweden/VARBERG/overview